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IMO-MED certification

IMO-MED certification: To guarantee maximum safety in full compliance with the rules, we choose only IMO MED certified fireproof fabrics (2014/90 / EU).

The directive, mandatory for all EU and non-EU ships, concerns the equipment chosen on board.

Certificazione IMO-MED

IMO-MED certification

The International Maritime Organization, in acronym IMO, is a United Nations institution in charge of promoting cooperation between member countries and ensuring the safety of navigation and the protection of the marine environment.
Thus was born the MED Directive (Marine Equipment Directives) 2014/90 / EU, with the aim of harmonizing, among all member states of the European Community, the procedures for assessing the conformity of the equipment intended to be placed on board ships.
Authorized centers, verify the conformity of the tested element according to the MED Directive with specific tests. In particular, they test the reaction to fire, toxicity and opacity of the fumes of the product under examination. Subsequently, the CE mark and the distinctive marking, that is the so-called “Wheel Mark”, is issued.

The equipment covered by the MED Directive does not only concern the European Community but also the International one. Therefore, in addition to respecting the entire IMO-MED certification process, it must also fulfill international obligations.
When it comes to equipment for ships, we at 2Esse Divani meticulously follow these guidelines, thus guaranteeing maximum safety. In fact, we only use approved OLMO polyurethane foam padding and fabrics marked with the “Wheel Mark”, which have the number of the certifying body.

Other directives beyond the IMO-MED certification

The saying “Country you go, customs you find” is also well suited to the world of certifications. We at 2Esse Divani, thanks to our international experience in the naval and hotel contract,know this well.

For this reason, before any project, 2Esse Divani technicians check the regulations in force by default, and then apply them to the letter.

Compliance with the directives is of fundamental importance, the choice of materials must not be random. For this reason, the artisans of 2Esse Divani, when it comes to contract furniture, use only approved materials that comply with the required regulations.

Here then, in addition to treating fireproof items in compliance with the IMO-MED certification, we use materials that comply with the following standards:

  • Class 1IM (UNI 9175) of reaction to fire for upholstery for Italy;
  • EN-1021part 1 and 2 for the European Class;
  • BS 5852source 0 and 1 for the English residential class;
  • TB 117-2013 and theSenate Bill (SB) 1019 provisionfor upholstered items for California

Being compliant with European safety and fire prevention regulations does not mean giving up on aesthetics: the upholstery fabrics dedicated to the nautical or hotel sector (Italian or foreign) are in fact available in different designs and colors, moreover, for the most demanding customers. and the most ambitious projects, we have the possibility to supply fabrics designed specifically for the occasion. The same goes for eco-leathers: certified, resistant, soft and with various colors and effects.

Safety, Quality and Design for every contract furniture

We at 2Esse Divani are well aware that contract furnishings, in addition to being comfortable, trendy and compliant with the law, must also be durable and suitable for massive use.

For this reason, we choose the best quality and resistance materials; especially in choice of padding.

In order to ensure maximum comfort and resistance, the choice of padding should never be left to chance. In fact, depending on the project, our craftsmen will use different bearing capacities, while always maintaining high densities.

Generally, for a well-made padded seat, it is necessary to choose softer polyurethane foam for the backrest and a more firm one for the seat; finishing by reinforcing the product in its various weak points.

The choice of the upholstery fabric shouldn’t be left to chance either.

To ensure the best resistance, we at 2Esse Divani immediately discard all fabrics with too low of a number of Martindale cycles by default. In addition, for each order, we carry out an analysis of the quality / price ratio to show to the customer.

What is tested for the quality of the fabrics?

With the rubbing test under a certain pressure, we analyze:

  • usury;
  • breakage resistace;
  • Pilling;
  • color changes;
  • weight loss.

the relative result is expressed in number by Martindale cycles and is printed on the fabric samples. The higher the number of cycles, the more resistant the fabric is.

Thanks to these checks, all our products dedicated to naval and non-naval contracts are carefully designed to last over time, making them perfect for any public environment such as bars, restaurants, hotels and ships.