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Roma sofa

Roma sofa: Angular composition with an important design and customizable seat: A mechanism that allows you to vary the depth of the seat and the height of the backrest to meet the need for every moment and every situation.

Roma sofa – Product sheet (PRODUCT ID CARD)

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 206 of 2005, “Consumer Code”

Structure: Solid fir wood and birch / beech plywood.

Belting:Crossed tightly knit elastic straps.

Structure padding:Polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/m³ and coupled polyester fiber of 300 gr /

Seat cushion:the padding in expanded polyurethane density 35 Kg/m³, covered with polyester fibre and pure cotton of 300 gr/

back cushion: padding in non-deformable 21 Kg / expanded polyurethane, covered with HTM thermo fibercoupled with white cotton gr. 300 /

Upholstery: Wide range of high quality fabrics, leather or eco-leather 100% made in Italy to choose from. Completely removable cover

Comfort: sofa with customizable seat


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